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Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC is a national full service law firm operated by experienced, local attorneys across America. The founding partners of the firm are financial attorneys who recognized that a gap existed between the legal services being offered to consumers and the requirements of those consumers to resolve their situation whether it is financial or personal. That is to say, existing specialized legal services were failing at providing the best possible services for their clients and concentrated on one approach fit all to consumer financial or personal issues which may not have always been the best fit. In some situations, clients may have been left worse off than they were before they employed the services of a specialized law firm or debt resolution company.

The Founding partners of Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC understand that when it comes to a client's financial issues that many consumers see no other choice available other than filing bankruptcy. For some, bankruptcy is, undoubtedly, the best solution, but for many individual consumers, a different approach to their financial issues may not include bankruptcy and may be more advantageous. Instead of simply offering bankruptcy services, Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC is committed to providing our clients with all available options, allowing you to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

The attorneys at Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC come from a diverse set of legal backgrounds. Because of this, we are able to look at each clients unique situation as a whole because of a variety of perspectives in order to determine the most efficient and advantageous course in satisfactorily resolving each client's existing financial or personal issues.

In addition, our attorneys have local offices in each state, so we intimately understand the particular laws to which each client is subject. This is very important especially when it comes to financial issues because the best option in one state is not necessarily the best option in another. Our approaches to each consumer's financial or personal issues are customized for each client according to his or her location and personal situation. Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC has all the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to help you deal with your issues as quickly as possible at the least expense.


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