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Get It In Writing

Small business owners often make verbal agreements with friends or colleagues instead of writing out a formal contract. This is a bad habit to get into even if you trust the people you are working... Read More

Parodies in Advertisements May Not Be Laughing Matter

Many businesses consider parodying other businesses in their advertisements. Parodies can point out why your business is superior to the competition while getting viewers to laugh. However, it's... Read More

Avoid These Unfair Competition Practices

Business owners need to be careful not to engage in unfair competition. Some business owners think if they don't break antitrust laws, they are competing fairly. However, this isn't true. There a... Read More

Press Release

Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC: Closing the Gap in Financial Workouts

Thanks to the unfair lending practices of major U.S. lenders, American consumers have accumulated more debt in the past few years than ever before. Most U.S. consumers have expressed that they would like to resolve their debt without filing bankruptcy, so they employ the services of financial workout companies.

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